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Your future.
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  • Who we are

  • Rockfield Financial is an industry leader in personal insurance (or finance) that treats you as family. Over the past decade, we have helped hundreds of families make better financial decisions that leave a lasting impact for their loved ones.
  • We focus on modern, tech-enabled financial solutions to help families maximize their estate, and reduce taxes with a focus on philanthropy.
  • Knowledge.

  • Guidance.

  • Perspective.

We want to get to know you, your situation and your goals. Then build a plan that is perfect for you.

We always look out for our clients. We help to minimize common pitfalls and maximize the potential of your hard work. Each dollar will go further with Rockfield Financial.

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What we offer

Tax & Estate Planning

Tax laws are constantly evolving and become more complex each year. This could result is missed savings if you don’t have the right team behind you. We offer in depth analysis into your taxes, identify opportunities and maximize your returns. We examine potential tax gaps between your intentions (your will) and your existing estate plan, while incorporating innovative insurance strategies to protect your health.

Group Health Benefits

Why pay for pre-packaged health benefits? Half of which you won’t even use. We offer a completely unique approach that’s tailored to your needs. Whether it’s health benefits for your family or business, we will build you a custom benefits package. We will consult with you and understand your basic needs. In the end, you will only pay for the benefits you need and want. Never overpay for health benefits again.

Philanthropy Planning

At Rockfield Financial, we value your time, money, and philanthropy. We have a comprehensive strategy for how you can reduce your tax burden, while at the same time increasing philanthropic contributions. Leave a positive impact on the world while maintaining a financially sound portfolio.

Wealth Planning

At Rockfield Financial, we protect and expand your wealth. You can be rest assured that our team of experts will carefully analyze your unique situation and build a plan that works. Having piece of mind is priceless. And we work diligently to make sure your hard work turns into many years of stress-free living for you and your loved ones.

Life Planning

What are your dreams and goals in life? Whether it’s travel, spending time with family, collecting cars or other hobbies, we help you achieve your dreams and live life to the fullest. We pride ourselves in bringing a personal approach to financial and life planning. As we learn about you and your spending, we’re able to put a strategy together that works for you


A Personal Meeting

The process starts by learning about your unique financial situation, needs and goals to be able to set the foundation of your financial strategy.


We will map out an individualized financial plan that’s suited to your unique needs.

Tailoring Your Strategy

We carefully craft a solution tailored towards you, this is the fine tuning process of getting the plan, concept, and strategy that you need.


Once the plan is in place, we will begin the vetting process. This includes risk assessment and background research, prior to submitting to any carrier.

Carrier Approval

We will work away to get your final agreement prepared for review, while you sit back and relax.

Annual Review

Our office is in constant discussion with you over the year as the industry changes.


Brett Belchetz
MD – Co-founder and CEO of Maple

Dr. Jory Simpson
Surgical Oncologist, St. Michael’s Hospital

Eric Benchetrit
Sage Advisory Corp.

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